So you're dating an Air Sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Although air signs can sometimes come across cold, they are more likely just lost in their own worlds, and are in fact, quite the opposite.
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The three air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius — they will never bore you! As partners you can expect them to be like a leaf in the breeze — beautiful to watch but hard to hold down. Air signs are the social butterflies of the zodiac and in general make sensual, fun and carefree partners with an moody streak.

Although air signs can sometimes come across cold, they are more likely just lost in their own worlds, and are in fact, quite the opposite.

You’ll find your air sign lover is full of abstract and creative ideas that sometimes are brilliant, but more than often seem complete crazy.

Although good communicators and occasionally obsessed with social media, air signs often struggle with feelings — if it can’t be rationalised then it simply doesn’t exist for them. That’s why many air signs find themselves drawn to water and fire signs, so they can experience those unfathomably deep or explosively wild feelings but not have to own them.

Your airy lover is often lost in his or her head and you can expect them to be floaty and easily bored if not kept constantly stimulated. On the darker side, air signs can also be moody and when this happens you might find yourself wondering if they have been possessed by an evil twin.

Air signs make exciting lovers and are especially active in their youth. Sex is seen as an art form in that it allows additional opportunity to express creativity and a passion.

Often unable to express their deeper feelings, air signs will often use sex as a conduit to express what they are feeling and believe sex plays a pivotal role in a successful relationship.

Generally they tend to loathe any attempt to place sex in a vulgar light; perhaps nothing else will make them go cold faster. Sex offers the desired opportunity to blend their dualistic appreciation for life — mentally and physically.

Be warned — if air signs are not satisfied sexually by their partners, the chances of them growing cold and wandering is high. You’ll need to keep life spicy if you want to keep your sir sign and don’t be surprised if they suggest a polyamorous relationship at some time. If you are the jealous type then sir signs may prove a difficult match for you.

Above: Gay and Lesbian (LGBTI) Air Sign Lovers. 

Aquarius the creative lover

Although ideals are important to your Aquarian lover they find it difficult to connect emotionally and the way to an Aquarian heart is through the mind!

In bed Aquarius make great lovers and are probably the most creative of signs. They can think of one hundred and one ways to pleasure you — ways that you had never considered possible. Sexually, it’s almost impossible to shock an Aquarian.

It’s important to note when dating an Aquarian, contrary to popular belief, they are no less faithful than any other star sign — well, that’s unless, of course, they get bored. Routine, monotony of any type and the drudgery of life will often bring out the innate rebel in Aquarians.

Open-minded, tolerant and undemanding, your Aquarius will make good partners. But if you’re looking for old-fashioned romance, and someone to make you feel super special, then the typical Aquarian is unlikely to fit the bill. Emotionally detached, and disdainful of sentimentality, they’re not good at expressing affection unless in the bedroom. When an Aquarian says ‘I love you’, you know it’s for real.

Gemini the social media lover

You’ll find your Gemini lover extremely alluring. They are  renowned for being curious about most everything —  they are good listeners and exceptional conversationalists. They love to flirt and the intense eye contact they’ll give you makes them irresistible.

Your Gemini lover is the super friendly type and probably addicted to social media. Your lover will blissfully talk your ears off while you are desperately trying to get laid. For many Geminis, verbal intercourse is as stimulating and exciting as sex itself — and if you think sex might shut them up…. think again.

Gemini lovers will want variety in their sex lives and are always keen to try new techniques and positions in order to avoid boredom.

If you want excitement in your life, Geminis are always up for fun and adventure. They are well matched to creative partners.

You can expect your Gemini to be supportive of any big changes you may ever wish to make in your life. Because of a Gemini’s fluid and friendly nature they don’t like to be smothered or nagged and will tire of a possessive or stagnate partner.


Libra the restless lover

Although it may be rocky at times your Libran lover longs for partnership, balance and harmony.

You must love them completely, understanding that they are constantly challenged with a duality in all parts of their existence and an inability to deal with strong emotions or confrontation. When dealing with your Libran lover always be very careful how you communicate with them.

Don’t shout or threaten them because they will either run away, melt down or just promise you anything to keep the peace.

Your Libran will both love and hate their bodies. But you must love it and you must touch them whenever you can, while doing the dishes, watching a move, in the line at the grocery store. You must look into his/her eyes and smile, while you weave the ordinary with the erotic.

Librans crave your embrace and wither without it — they need romance and so, so many kisses. When you see your Libran getting restless, whisk them away to experience the world, make love in exotic far away locations and then return them to your beautiful home filled with soft pillows and you’ll live happy ever after.

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