National Library of Australia Celebrates Pride Month

June is Global Pride Month, a time to recognise and celebrate the LGBTIQA+ community and reflect on progress made and still to be made. To mark the occasion, the National Library of Australia is sharing some historical photographs from thier collection taken at Pride events held in Adelaide and Perth.
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Jiayuan (Tyr) Liang, The LGBTIQA+ Communities Assemble at Light Square Before at the Pride March

Jiayuan (Tyr) Liang is a photographer dedicated to documenting contemporary cultural activities, events and festivals across all regions of Australia.

A crowd of people walking along a street next to a Chinese-style gate. The people are holding signs and dressed in colourful clothes.
Jiayuan (Tyr) Liang, The LGBTIQA+ Communities Come Together to Parade at the Pride March, Chinatown, Adelaide NLA

This collection of photographs were taken at the 2022 Feast Festival Pride March in Adelaide. They illustrate and reinforce the importance of Pride events in bringing people together and strengthening community ties.  

Two people marching in a parade at night time. They are dressed in colourful clothing and accessories.
Philip Gostelow, A Prime Timers LGBTQ Float with Participants Wearing Rainbow Hats, T-shirts, Angel Wings, and Fans to Showcase the Diversity and Highlight the Experiences of Mature LGBTQ+ Men Based on the 'Shine' Theme, Perth.

Philip Gostelow is a Perth-based photographer, filmmaker and illustrator whose photographic career has allowed him to work extensively internationally and in Australia.

This collection of photographs were taken at the 2022 Perth PrideFest Parade. They capture the community spirit and activism that go hand-in-hand at so many Pride events, while also documenting and celebrating the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Several people marching in a parade at night time. They are wearing colourful clothes and accessories and some are waving rainbow and pride flags. One of the people is in a wheelchair.
Philip Gostelow, A Living Proud Float Photographed on Aberdeen Street to Promote the Wellbeing of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer and Other Sexuality, Sex and Gender Diverse People Based on the 'Shine' Theme, Perth.

It’s easy to be swept along by the colourful costumes, choreography and celebrations at Pride events. Beyond the sequins and glitter, it is important to remember that Pride events have a foundation in activism and protest and still carry these roots at their heart. Many positive steps towards recognition and equality have been achieved, but the work is ongoing and Pride events remain important vehicles for highlighting issues and campaigning for change. 

You can read a Pride Month blog the National Library of Australia published back in 2022 that explains the history of Pride Month and explores some of the collections that the Library creates and cares for as part of the ongoing work to record and represent stories of LGBTQIA+ Australians. 

As part of this continuing work to collect stories of LGBTQIA+ people and to document social change, the National Library of Australia commissioned several photographers to capture some of the events at Sydney WorldPride 2023. These photographs will soon be made available online.

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