FUSE34 — Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Rebellion

As most of you probably know by now, Sydney’s Rainbow Crossing is no longer — torn up by the NSW Government under the cover of darkness. Not even the Independent Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich or the Lord Mayor Clover Moore could save the day. Roads Minister Duncan Gay said it was dangerous and had to go.

Although we’re all sad to see it ripped up, this event was a catalyst for something quite wonderful. The very next day, armed with a packet of coloured chalk and a rebellious streak, James Brechney decided to make his very own rainbow crossing in the laneway outside his home and post a photo on Facebook.  It was to be the start of a worldwide chalk rainbow rebellion.

Within a week his Facebook “DIY Rainbow Crossings” page  had over 19,000 likes and prompted thousands of rainbow crossings to pop up all across Australia — including Canberra — and as far away as the United States, France and the UK. Department stores everywhere must be wondering why chalk has suddenly become their biggest seller.

James made the following comment on his Facebook page: ‘Our chalk rainbows have overridden the memory of seeing that big ugly machine scraping off our Oxford Street rainbow. Let’s keep our voice loud and beautiful — the world needs a lot of this right now.’

This is one of the things I love most about humanity: in the face of adversity we can become our most creative. It really is a wonderful and inspiring thing.

And talking about people power, another four countries — England, France, Uruguay and closer to home, New Zealand — have now embraced marriage equality. To Australia’s embarrassment, it seems that our Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Liberal Leader Tony Abbott have dug themselves in behind a stance that’s discriminatory, unpopular and just plain silly. Hopefully we won’t end up being one of the last countries to adopt a policy of equality for all its citizens.

Australian Marriage Equality advocates will be running a  high profile campaign in the 2013 Federal Election and intend to make marriage equality a central issue. Their goal is to achieve a Coalition conscience vote and to encourage as  many Labor candidates as possible to support reform.

Sadly I don’t see same-sex marriage in Australia this year,  but support grows every day and as history demonstrates, with time equality always prevails.

Don’t get angry, get chalking.

Enjoy, Alex

FUSE34 — Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Rebellion (Boy Issue)

FUSE34 — Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Rebellion (Girl Issue)

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