FUSE22 — Out and Proud

I was not a cool kid at school and I was bullied.

There I’ve said it. I think it was mostly just because I was a small feminine looking boy, but I did get called  “ya poofter Thatcher” a lot. Maybe they knew something I did not at the time.  It was all very upsetting as a young teenager and getting punched and pushed is never very nice. I cried a lot — that probably did not help.

I remember my mum really lost it once and chased a big kid down after he punched me at the bus stop for no reason, (thanks Mum).

Bullying in schools has always been a problem and kids can be awfully cruel to one another. Having said that, they do learn from their ‘own environment’ so they are not totally to blame. Kids are very open to suggestion, so what they are taught by parents, teachers and peers can shape them for a life time. Teach them intolerance and that’s what you get…. Intolerance.

Bullying in schools and gay suicide has featured a lot in the news over the past few years, but it has not been until recently that governments have started taking this issue seriously. Just before the last election the Gillard government promised $22 million to help tackle suicide in at-risk groups, including the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans* community. More recently the ACT Government said they are ‘ramping up efforts to stamp out homophobia in Canberra schools’. (Andrew Barr MLA writes about this on p15.) It’s a slow road I fear, but at least we’ve started addressing a very serious problem affecting our youth.

On a more up beat note, we’ve got a pretty sexy issue for you this month. Our features include an interview with all round hottie Carsten Andersson — porn star come pop singer. (Bet ya he never got picked on at school.) p12. We also chatted to the ‘very fit’ girls at the Diamond Phoenix Dragon Boat Club about endurance, stamina and hanging out at the lake. p21. Plus there is Madonna, Kath & Kim, hot gay guys (and girls) on the TV soap 90201, 70’s hair, sexy money and hooking up — we’re just full of sexiness. But the sexiest of all is our big Sydney Gay and Lebsian Mardi Gras 2011 photo feature — It’s awesome and so were we. p39.

Be proud and enjoy FUSE22, Alex

FUSE22 — Out and Proud (Boy Issue)

FUSE22 — Out and Proud (Girl Issue)

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