FUSE45 — Marriage Equality on the brink!

It seems we are so close to finally having marriage equality and that’s very exciting!

As we went to print this issue, the breaking news came that Australia is on the brink of the having enough support within the Australian Federal Parliament to legislate same-sex marriage. Labor MP and former Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan has switched his position on marriage equality, conceding he was “wrong” to oppose it. This means that only four more votes are required to pass
a same-sex marriage bill in the House of Representatives. In the Senate it has been calculated a bill could pass with a majority of one.

In an interview, Mr Swan told news outlets that he had found it “increasingly difficult” to reconcile his views about same-sex marriage with his support for economic and social equality.

My heart just fills with joy when I see people like Wayne Swan and others finally come to a place where they can see that equality cannot be negotiated and everyone, regardless of their sexual identity or gender, is entitled to have their love legally and formally recognised.

Our fight for marriage equality has been a long and passionate one. Whether or not marriage is for you, at the end of the day it’s all about equal rights for ALL Australians. It was never a matter of if, but when, and I can’t wait until the day we can slash a giant heading on the cover of FUSE that proclaims “Marriage Equality is Finally Here!”

So what else will you find in this issue?

It’s been five years since two lovely brides had an intimate and emotional wedding ceremony in Canberra, and apparently there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Julia O’Boyle and Sue Read share what their ‘unrecognised’ wedding anniversary means to them, both politically and personally. p23.

On a more sombre note, we have an important feature that follows on from last issue’s article about homeless LGBT youth who were forced to live in the sewers of the city of Kingston in Jamaica. Travis Gilbert, Executive Officer of ACT Shelter, talks about how this same issue is affecting queer kids in Australia. As unbelievable as it may sound, many young Aussie kids are thrown out of their homes, or feel they have no choice but to flee, because of their sexuality. p28.

If you haven’t heard about PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), it’s a pill which taken daily can reduce your risk of contracting HIV. Executive Director of the AIDS Action Council, Philippa Moss, talks about PrEP and how important this drug may be for our community, even though it is not yet available to Australians. p39.

You’ll also find heaps of great photos in this issue of our wonderful and very colourful LGBTI community living proud and happy.

Enjoy, Alex

FUSE45 : At the end of each day, there you are. (Boy Cover)

FUSE45 : At the end of each day, there you are. (Girl Cover)

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