FUSE50 — 50 issues and going strong!

Welcome to our 50th issue of FUSE.

It’s seems that time has gone by so fast and I’m having trouble believing that seven years down the track this is our 50th issue of FUSE Magazine.

In the Autumn of 2009, FUSE was launched at the Hush Lounge in Canberra — a place we remember fondly — and today our strong base of community contributors are still making FUSE come vividly alive each issue.

We are pretty proud of what we’ve done, and what makes it even more wonderful is that FUSE is a real testament to our community working together. FUSE would not exist if it was not for the talents and efforts of many people over the years that have contributed to these pages — some of which have been working with us since the very first issue.

We wanted to create a LGBTIQ magazine where budding and amateur writers, photographers and models could have the opportunity to have their work published in a professionally designed and printed publication. It’s fantastic to see that after 50 issues this has proven to be wildly successful.

I would like to extend a huge and personal thank you to everyone that has ever contributed over the years and of course to all our fabulous advertisers and supporters that help make FUSE possible. You’re all totally awesome!

So what’s in issue 50? With ink on pages we explore ink on skin, and how this most personal art form has gone from the domain of sailors and bikers to a mainstream phenomena. We metaphorically get under the skin of inked LGBTIQ community members as they share their personal body art and stories in our special FUSE tattoo feature. You’ll learn about the history of tattooing — how it changed through the centuries — and what it means to people today. We also chatted to some local tattoo artists who gave us some great inking tips and filled us in about all the myths of tattooing. p21.

On a serious note, Professor Rusi Jaspal writes about what it’s like to be gay and Muslim. The Orlando shooting — a hate crime against queer people —  was perpetrated by a closeted gay Muslim man. Many people claimed this  was simply a terrorist attack rather than a heinous crime by a deeply disturbed  and confused person. It has spread shock waves throughout our communities causing lots of speculation about Islam and homosexuality. The article brings an honest and personal insight to the struggle of Muslims all over the world that are brave enough to be visible members of the LGBTIQ community. p35.

In other stories we interview a gay tattooed rocker from New York, delve into the secrets of dating a water sign, and ponder on better ways to spend $160 million — think plebiscite. Top Queer reviews the new and last Aussie ute, we continue our feature on gay love letters throughout history, plus a heap more great pages filled with glorious ink!

Enjoy, Alex

FUSE50 : Celebrating 50 issues (Gay Cover)

FUSE50 : Celebrating 50 issues (Lesbian Cover)

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