Does our 'minority love' make us more...

Is the GLBTI community more green because of our minority love? Minority Love: the love of something or someone because of its cause, substance or general disposition to be in the minority of society or its standards.

Hi, I’m a feminist, animal rights supporting, equality concerned, environmentalist queer. How are you?”

One in five LGBTQ folk are comfortable using the self-label of ‘environmentalist’ while in contrast, only thirteen per cent of heterosexual persons are comfortable with the term.

No, I’m not spouting off random information for my own amusement, I’m spouting off this information for a reason. I believe each one of these statements can affect the LGBTQ community in some way.

Many surveys in the past years have been conducted to evaluate the environmental concerns of people, and it seems the majority of these surveys (which take into account sexual orientation or gender association) have all pointed to the same conclusion: LGBTQ are more environmentally aware than their heterosexual counterparts.

This information, if it is in fact accurate, then begs the question of why?

Why are LGBTQ more promoting of environmental issues? What persuasion is in this cause that employs LGBTQ folk to fight for it, be more aware and be more righteous about it than those of heterosexual orientation?

It could all be happenstance, one simple slip that comes from having such a small community compared to that of the wider world. Or it could be as simple as minority love.

It has been said before, and it will be said again; LGBTQ will always, in some way, be a minority. Acceptance and tolerance can come all it wants but whatever we are, in nature and society, we are a minority group and in some ways we embrace it.
So, minority love; are we really that affected by persecution that in our adult lives we seek further clearance from the world by fighting for other ‘sideline’ or currently minority causes? Or are we more attuned to the world and its needs because we often hold a closer affinity with it, majority of us believing that we were born the way we are.
I’d bet my money on minority love, not for the point that we’re all striving to be different and encounter endless hardships because of our political or social views, but because in some way, that persecution from our past is still leaking into our current community.

In the early twentieth century many people were persecuted, both politically and religiously, some of these groups being feminists, LGBTQ people, environmentalist, alternate religious folk, equality concerned persons and practically any person who had employed pre-monotheistic religious ideals. So why would this matter to us now? It’s a simple fact that people who are on the sidelines are often clumped together in some way, and in that manner they began to acquire other groups’ views or opinions. This would have been the start of LGBTQ community supportive of environmentalism (as well as a few other ‘sideline’ causes).

Petering down through the generations of LGBTQ folk, we arrive here and now, a place and time where environmental concerns are very real and pressing but still it seems LGBTQ persons are infinitely more aware of this plight than heterosexuals.

Minority love is something so consistent with our culture, with the issue of it being raised and pondered before in terms of LGBTQ folk, but seeing statistics of environmentalism seems to bring it to life in a more obvious manner.

We can speculate all we like: minority love, nature affinity, insanity...

Anyway we spin it, it’s now known as fact in some manner, LGBTQ folk are more environmentally aware than heterosexual folk. So why not be proud of it?

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