Become The One

Belco Arts & Lab Kelpie presents Become The One, A romantic comedy that’s out of bounds.

An award-winning romantic comedy featuring two vibrant, lovable characters at its heart, Become The One explores why a footballer would choose to remain closeted, and why their openly gay partner would choose to accept it.


When Noah captures the attention of Tom, a celebrated AFL player nearing the end of his career, sparks immediately fly. But as the season progresses and their relationship grows, questions around identity, agency and our devotion to hyper-masculinity begin to surface, forcing us to consider what happens to love when good intentions and patience aren’t enough anymore. Weaving a clever tapestry of comedy, drama and romance, the play repositions the typical“ closeted sportsman” narrative.

Belcoem the one 2

Winner of the 2018 Playtime Award for New Writing, this funny, smart and challenging drama explores the true meaning of bravery and what it might take to do the right thing – as a lover, as a high-profile sportsman, as a human being – to become the one.

“Heart wrenching, raw and categorically brave. You’re suspended in the tension of this relationship, along with the characters. We need more of this on our stages.”

Theatre People 

“classy, sharp, deeply moving and special experience.”

Theatre Press

Become The One

  • By Adam Fawcett, A Lab Kelpie Production
  • 7:30pm Thursday 26 & Friday 27 May 2022
  • The Theatre, Belconnen Arts Centre



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