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For young guys (18–35) who don't want to bare it all, but don't want to feel restricted by all that yoga gear.

I can't really take credit for the idea of doing yoga in jocks. A client of mine suggested it, as a way for guys who might not feel comfortable going completely nude. I’ve also seen similar classes being offered by yoga studios in California.

Basically, it’s my attempt to get younger guys interested in yoga. An enticement if you will, but really, just like my nude classes, it’ll be about the yoga.

I’ve been teaching nude yoga for 11 years, and young guys have been conspicuous by their absence from those classes. I get a fair few young guys asking me how old the other students are, and when I tell them the ages range from 30 to 70, with the bell curve around 45, I often don’t hear back.

I can only speculate, but my hypothesis is that young guys are less confident about their bodies, and not comfortable being around older, naked men. Hence, this class.

So, why practice yoga and tantra?

Here are some good reasons:

  • improve cardiovascular health
  • enhance muscle tone
  • regain flexibility
  • improve balance and coordination
  • be less susceptible to mood swings
  • strengthen your immunity to diseases
  • develop your virtuous qualities
  • learn to meditate and deeply relax your mind and body
  • learn to harness your powerful sexual energy and transform it into creative inspiration that can be used in all areas of your life
  • and as class numbers are limited to ten participants, you get good quality instruction.

Mens Yoga in Jocks Canberra

Why do yoga in your jocks?

  • enjoy more freedom of movement while practising yoga postures
  • feel more sensual and alive
  • learn to be more comfortable in your own skin
  • form deeper male friendships based on trust and mutual respect

Yoga is not a form of religion and thus is compatible with any established religious practice.

Class Details and more information visit:

Class times: Saturday afternoons 4.30pm to 6:00pm
Please arrive no later than 4.20pm, as arriving late disturbs the others who will be relaxing.
Venue location: Narrabundah, ACT

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