Yarra Trams invites Victorians to vote on Pride Tram

The community has been invited to vote for the design that will appear on Yarra Tram’s next #AllAboard pride tram, which spreads the message that everyone is welcome on Victoria's iconic tram network.
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Yarra Trams invites Victorians to vote on Pride Tram

Design submissions for the pride tram in Victoria have been accepted, with a panel of ten judges determining the final five finalists. The five final designs are now up for a public vote to decide the winner, with voting open until 29 September 2023.

Yarra Trams say they are proudly operated by Keolis Downer, and the #AllAboard tram is a tangible representation of Keolis Downer’s work to ensure everyone is welcome in our communities, our workplaces and aboard public transport. As part of the project they partnered with Australia’s premier LGBTIQ arts and culture organisation Midsumma, LGBTIQA media organisation JOY Media and the Victorian Pride Centre to deliver this significant initiative.

The five designs and the artist’s descriptions being put to the Victorian public are:


Artist’s description: Growing up in a regional town, I found it hard to fit in with my sexuality. Moving to Melbourne opened my world. Not only did I see people like myself but also people who were completely different, and that was amazing. I was able to travel the street feeling proud of who I was, and of the community I lived in. In my design I wanted to highlight the diversity of our city. Showing that though we come from different families, backgrounds, abilities and identities, we all come together through love.


Artist’s description: A simple sticker can represent so much. A public display of support. An unapologetic symbol of pride. A powerful statement of unity. My artwork is a playful and nostalgic take on all these ideas -envisioning a tram and shelter fully covered in optimistic pride stickers. I wanted to provide visibility to the many identities, genders, sexualities, cultures and abilities of the LGBTQIA+ community. In celebrating plurality and diversity, I hope to truly welcome everyone all aboard.


 Artist’s description: Rainbow Umbrellas. The rainbow umbrellas have become synonymous with the Fitzroy Street Midsumma Pride March, and pride rallies all over the world. Symbolising protection, both literally from the elements but also symbolically, one can't help but feel happy seeing a rainbow umbrella. Including the colours of the progress flag highlights the important awareness around the evolving landscape of embracing and celebrating all diversity.


Artist’s description: As members and allies of Melbourne’s LGBTIQ community, we know the representation matters. We have strived to make our design appeal to and represent some of our most underrepresented community members to make them feel welcome aboard the Yarra Trams network.


Artist’s description: #AllAboard is about making sure everyone has the chance to come along for the ride and that no one is left behind. LGBTQIA+ is so diverse, in gender and sexuality and in race, disability, class etc. we have to put in the work to make sure that everyone in the rainbow is able to get #AllAboard. My artwork is about how, when it comes to the LGBTQIA+ community, love binds us, gives us the strength to uplift one another and continue to fight for the rights and safety of everyone in the community.


The winning design will feature on a tram from December 2023, with the second-placed design applied to a tram shelter in the vicinity of the Victorian Pride Centre for the Midsumma Pride March in February 2024, with the winning artist will be awarded $5,000 for their artwork, while the second-placed artist will take home $3,000 for the artwork that will be featured on the tram shelter.

The 2024 #AllAboard tram will once again serve as one of many highlights of the Midsumma Pride March, as it rolls down the closed streets of the parade cheered on by thousands of onlookers. For the last three years Yarra Trams employees have proudly marched with this symbol of inclusion and diversity.

The current #AllAboard tram (#3531) is the third iteration of the pride tram and is wrapped in a vibrant mural design created by Victorian artist Marco Pennacchia. The tram operates on routes 5, 6, 16, and 72.

Find out more about Yarra Trams’ #AllAboard program and vote for the winner from the link below:


Yarra Trams Chief Executive Officer Carla Purcell said:

“I’m delighted with the five colourful tram designs my fellow judges and I have put to Victorians for their vote. Whichever design ends up winning the public vote, I’ll be incredibly proud to have it travelling on our network as an important symbol of diversity and inclusion.”

Judges of the 2024 competition were:

    • Ben Carroll MP, Minister for Public Transport
    • Carla Purcell, CEO of Keolis Downer Yarra Trams
    • Ange Barry, CEO of JOY Media
    • Karen Bryant, CEO of Midsumma
    • Justine Dalla Riva, CEO of the Victorian Pride Centre
    • David Hunt, Art critic and host of ‘The Art Hunter’ on JOY 94.9
    • Ande Kempnich, noted Indigenous artist
    • Tom Mosby, CEO of the Koorie Heritage Trust
    • Michelle Sheppard, Senior Advisor, LGBTIQ+ Inclusion at the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning
    • Clive Scott, General Manager of Sofitel on Collins and supporter of the arts

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