Trump Endorses Pastor with Extremist Views for US Congress

Former US President Donald Trump has endorsed Mark Burns, the pastor that has previously called for the execution of LGBTQ+ "indoctrinators."
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Donald Trump and Pastor Mark Burns

Trump has announced his endorsement of Anti-Gay Pastor Mark Burns for South Carolina. The pastor has previously exhibited extremist rhetoric towards LGBTQ+ and transgender individuals, calling for the arrest and execution of those he accuses of LGBTQ+ and transgender "indoctrination."

Trump's endorsement threatens to swing a crowded Republican primary in Burns' direction, making him a favourite to win the congressional seat should he win his primary.

Pastor Burns made headlines in 2022 for calling for the return of the House Un-American Activities Committee to arrest and execute LGBTQ+ and transgender allies and individuals whom he accuses of "grooming."

In a video released after his appearance on The Stew Peters Show, Burns stated, "The LGBT, transgender grooming of our children's minds is a national security threat because it is ultimately designed to destabilize the republic we call the United States of America. That's why, whenever I'm elected, I want to start holding people accountable for treason to the Constitution. I'm going to push to reenact HUAC... We need to hold people accountable for treason, start having some public hearings, and begin executing those who are found guilty of treasonous acts against the Constitution of the United States of America..."

You can watch clips of his statements from that 2022 interview here:

Key Points:

  • Endorsement Announcement: Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Pastor Mark Burns for the Third Congressional District of South Carolina. Burns is known for his extreme rhetoric against LGBTQ+ individuals, advocating for their arrest and execution.
  • Impact of Endorsement: Trump's support is likely to influence the Republican primary significantly, favoring Burns in a district that predominantly supports Republican candidates. If Burns wins the primary, he's expected to secure the congressional seat.
  • Controversial Statements: Burns has called for the re-establishment of the House Un-American Activities Committee to target LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies, labeling them as threats to national security and accusing them of treason.
  • Political Background: This is Burns' third congressional run, with previous attempts in 2018 and 2022 not receiving Trump's endorsement. His stance has consistently mirrored Trump's "Make America Great Again" ideology.
  • Significance of Trump's Endorsement: Trump praised Burns as a true "America First fighter," highlighting his loyalty from the early days of Trump's political movement. In a crowded field of nine Republican candidates, this endorsement positions Burns as a leading contender.
  • Election Details: The Republican primary is set for June 11, 2024. Burns needs to secure over 50% of the vote to advance as the Republican nominee in a district that has not seen a Democratic challenger in the recent past and has been under Republican control since 1995.

Analysis: Trump's endorsement of Burns underscores the influential role of Trump's approval in Republican primaries, particularly for candidates with controversial or extreme viewpoints. The endorsement raises concerns about the direction of political discourse within the party and its implications for LGBTQ+ rights and broader issues of tolerance and inclusivity in American politics.

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