Frontrunners: A social running club in Canberra

Frontrunners meet every Saturday and welcome runners and walkers of all abilities, whether beginners or experienced, recreational or competitive.
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Canberra Frontrunners is a group who get together at 9am each Saturday for a run/walk/amble/dog-assisted amble around Canberra before having breakfast at a local cafe.

We welcome runners of all abilities, whether beginners or experienced, recreational or competitive. You don’t have to be an accomplished runner before running with the club.

Canberra Frontrunners is part of an international LGBTIQ+ organisation that promotes the good benefits that a bit of healthy exercise can bring. Frontrunners is a great way to start off the weekend where our runs will take you to some of Canberra's scenic hidden gems. You will meet some great people in a fun social atmosphere and as a reward for all that running and walking have a delicious breakfast at some of Canberra's delightful surburban cafes.

We meet most every Saturday morning at 9am at a different location around Canberra. Runs are generally around 6 - 7km, walks about 3 - 4km. Everybody welcome including runners, joggers, walkers, dog walkers and bicycle riders. Even if you want to skip the exercise, sleep in and meet us for brunch at 10am that is OK too.

Run details are also posted on our Facebook page. Find us on FACEBOOK  and you will like us there. There is also a Frontrunners email list.

For more information about Frontrunners in Canberra call 0416 394 249 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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