Everyone Drips Differently

Sex and intimacy are a fundamental part of the human experience, but they’re rarely talked about in the same way as food or water. Drip wants to change that.
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Everyone Drips Differently

Sex can be hard, messy, dirty, awkward, funny, confusing, exciting and weird, but it should always be pleasurable. Friction gets in the way of pleasure. Friction can be physical or psychological, it can refer to shame, vulnerability, experience level, desire or drive – anything that creates a barrier between a consenting adult and their ability to experience pleasure. Enter left Drip.

FUSE Magazine is super excited to offer our readers the chance to test drive Drip products in a special giveaway that's happening over July and August 2023. We'll not only be handing out free Drips at our events and selected distributing outlets, but you'll also find FUSE drip giveaways happening online on our socials and at the Oxford Hotel in Sydney, so keep a lookout, fans!

If you would like to buy Drip or find out more, check out the link below or drop into your local Chemist Warehouse.

Drip is Australian Made & Owned!

Sexual wellbeing products for the curious & diverse

Drip products cater to the curious and diverse, aiming to improve the lives of all members of society through frictionless experiences of intimacy and sex. Their premium range of locally-made products, including water and oil-based lubes, are not only vegan and dermatologically tested but also packaged in recycled plastic.

Advocating for liberation and positive experiences, drip challenges outdated structures that exist around sex and play while also giving a voice to underrepresented communities through its online platform drip(feed) and giving back to local community organisations.

Oil Based Lubricant

Drip Oil Based Lubricant has luxurious Australian certified organic coconut oil, hemp seed, passionfruit seed, argan and kiwi seed oils for naturally smooth massage or play. It's is glycerine free, contains no parabens or artificial fragrance. It is a great alternative to silicone lubricant that feels less plastic and artificial.

Water Based Lubricant

Drip Water Based lube has soothing Tasmanian Wakame extract, Quandong extract and Illawarra plum extract for long-lasting play without the typical stickiness of water based lubes. It is glycerin-free, paraben free and vegan!

Breath Spray

Peppermint, menthol, wild mint and clove bud oil so you can swap morning breath for morning sex.

Sexual wellbeing products for the curious & diverse


Drip(feed) exists to educate, stimulate and create conversations about sex and intimacy that explore friction to help you feel good. We’re challenging the archaic structures that restrict and inhibit basically everyone. We respond to real friction points of real people who have sex or want to. As long as you’re a comfortable, consenting adult, nothing should be taboo or reinforce that shame that so often comes with sex and intimacy.

Drip and drip(feed) were born from Hugh Crothers’ passion for reducing shame and friction to improve people’s sex lives. Because of this, we’re passionate about representing and talking about real sex, and sharing stories and information from all kinds of people to serve everybody. Please get in touch if you’d like to write for us, help us improve or want us to cover a particular topic. We’re always looking to expand our community and welcome feedback, input and anything that will help make drip(feed) a safe and valuable resource for all.


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