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We maybe gay for social, not sexual reasons?

In a paper I published with Duke University professor Brian Hare, we propose human sexuality (including homosexuality) evolved as an outcome of the evolution of increased sociability in humans.


Self Obsession, is it a gay thing?

Surveys show that gay men tend to be more focused on luxuries and beauty products than their heterosexual counterparts.


The truth in lies of PrEP

Adhering to the daily blue pill of prevention has revolutionised dating and sex in the community like nothing I’ve ever seen before and HIV rates have stagnated as a result.


Not all views deserve respect

When it comes to same-sex marriage, not all views deserve respect. One of the expectations in the ongoing debate over marriage reform in Australia is that all views should be respected. But if we want to uphold the values of the enlightenment and of deliberative democracy...

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