FUSE26 — Ho Ho Homo

I often find myself conflicted at Christmas. I love all the sparkly things, opening gorgeous prezzies from my wonderful boyfriend and family, eating way too much delicious food with a belly full of beer… hmmmmm Christmas. Then on the other hand, in the back of my head (where the beer hasn’t reached), I know that millions of people are not having such a great time of it. Starvation, poverty and social equality has always been a problem in our world and it seems, for the most part, that our resolve to change things is pretty half hearted.

Perhaps instead of spending 364 days a year immersed in our own lives and one day showing goodwill, love and charity to others, we should swap that around. What a world we would have. Maybe we wouldn’t have prezzies every day,  but perhaps our gifts would come in other forms.

So if you find yourself rushing around the mall looking for those last minute presents, especially for people who are difficult to buy for, why not make a charitable donation on somebody’s behalf instead. We have a couple of charities listed in Tip Off p35, but there are thousands that would love your extra support this Christmas.

In this issue Scott Malcolm talks about how to survive xmas debt free p23  and Tony Hamlyn gives you some tips on some fabulously camp and quirky Christmas gifts p29.

Simon Copland reflects on the year that was p06 and the year that will be p19. Plus we report from the ALP National Conference, where Rainbow Labor made history with the ALP ratifying its support for same-sex marriage p21.

We look at the grass roots of PFLAG following their official launch in Canberra p09. We also consider the downfall of the gay ghetto and the evolution of rural gay lovin’ with Robert Edward Smith p11. And if you’re looking to buy something big and electric this Christmas check out Stuart Poole’s review of the new Mitsubishi i-MIEV in Top Queer p33.

I’d like to thank all our contributors, supporters, advertisers and of course our readers for another great FUSE year. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and you all pop a cork at new year.

Enjoy, Alex

FUSE26 — Ho Ho Homo (Boy Issue)

FUSE26 — Ho Ho Homo (Girl Issue)

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