UK MPs won't allow backtracking on gay marriage

UK prime minister David Cameron has warned that parliament will not allow any attempt to roll back gay marriage rights in comments seemingly aimed at his would-be successor Andrea Leadsom.

The prime minister said that he was "very proud" to have led the UK to opening up the right to marriage to gay and lesbian couples.

His position contrasts with that of Ms Leadsom. who told ITV News recently that she was uncomfortable with the law as it made many Christians "uncomfortable".

Mr Cameron today slapped down any suggestion that the rights could be rolled back, saying the move was supported by an "enormous parliamentary majority" according to comments quoted by The Guardian.

On equal marriage, I’m extremely proud of it and so many people have taken advantage of it.

I think there’s now an enormous parliamentary majority for equal marriage so I’m confident that it will continue to be the case.

It’s also very popular all over the world. Britain was one of the first countries with a centre-right leaning government to take that step and many others are following suit and I’m very proud of that.



Tags: Same-sex marriage, Gay Rights, Politics

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