Milkshake Festival celebrates pride and diversity

Milkshake Festival is a multi-genre music festival in Amsterdam and has become a favourite of the capital.
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 Milkshake Festival will return to the Westerpark in Amsterdam in 2023. The Milkshake Festival is not just a dance festival, but one with a clear message where respect, freedom, love, tolerance and fun are of paramount importance. 

Milkshake Festival Amsterdam: 'For All Who love'

Milkshake Festival is a collaboration between Air and Paradiso, two of the largest clubs in Amsterdam , with many different stages. The thought 'nothing is mandatory, everything is allowed' is paramount during the festival , where there is no room for thinking boxes. Milkshake celebrates the city and its initiatives and is committed to more courtesy and love for each other. Expect sparkling scenery, spectacle and a great diversity of performances and visitors.

Check out the Milkshake Festival Facebook page for the full line-up, more information and ticket sales. If you're looking for other information check the Milkshake website

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