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The tap water is making you gay!

DeSantis is signalling that he plans on his warpath of dismantling LGBTIQ rights.


Slovenia says yes to same-sex marriage

The law passed last year has officially come into effect in Slovenia, finally establishing full marriage equality.


US Congress protects marriage equality in landmark bill

Did You Know? In 2022 the American midterm elections created history; the good kind. For the first time, the elections had LGBTIQ+ candidates running from all 50 US states and the capital Washington.


The pope says being gay is NOT a crime

Francis’ history of making comments in support of LGBTQ people’s dignity, despite the church’s rejection of homosexuality, has provoked criticism from some Catholics.


The Sims introduces top surgery scars, and more in support of inclusivity

Gamers will now be able to give their characters – known as Sims – top surgery scars, binders, shapewear, and hearing aids, following a trend of other recent updates from The Sims 4


LGBTIQ+ hate crime soars in the US

The likelihood that an LGBTIQ+ person will experience a violent hate crime in the USA is nine times higher than for a cisgender and straight person.


Same-sex marriage becomes the law in America

As US President Joe Biden has signed the American Respect for Marriage Act about six-in-ten Americans say legalisation of same-sex marriage is good for society.


Cuba legalises same-sex marriage

The new family code in Cuba extends greater protection to women, children and the elderly, as well as allowing LGBTIQ+ couples to marry and adopt children.


Queen Elizabeth a queer ally according Mayor

Manchester's first openly gay Lord Mayor has heaped praise on the late Queen for "genuinely caring" about the LGBTQ+ community.

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