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Sri Lankan

Sri Lankan government taking steps towards equality

While the Sri Lankan president and his government won’t oppose changes to LGBTIQ laws, it still needs to be passed in Parliament. Activists have their work cut out for them.


Polish court rules "LGBT-free zones" must be scrapped

The Polish appeals court has ruled that so-called "LGBT-free zones" must be scrapped.


U.S Court Upholds Ban on Conversion Therapy

San Francisco has ruled that California's state ban on conversion or reparative therapy that aims at turning gay minors straight does not violate the free speech rights of licensed counselors and patients seeking treatment.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich = More Sex!

Turns out that grilled-cheese-sandwich lovers are having way more fun in the bedroom, with 32% having sex more than six times a month, compared with just 27% of people who don't like the sandwich.


LGBTIQ rights are protected on paper in Rwanda, but discrimination and homophobia persist.

From today, I no longer want to be called your mother, if you don’t want to change you can leave my house and come back when you are a transformed person, when you are a man.” Chris (not his real name) a queer transgender person from Rwanda recalls the words of their angry mother. 


Malta leading the European charge towards queer equality

Malta has become the world’s leading country for LGBTIQ rights while also being one of the few places in the world where abortion remains illegal under any circumstance.


Texas judge set dangerous PrEP precedent

A federal district court ruling that holds a Christian employer can stop offering health insurance covering anti-HIV drugs deserves more attention.


Gay Shadow over London

The Gay Shadow over Westminster Bridge.

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