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WORLD embraces gender-neutral terms embraces gender-neutral terms like 'they,' as well as hundreds of new words.


US Pastor smashes ‘EVIL’ Barbie House!

US Pastor smashes ‘EVIL’ Barbie House with Bible taped to baseball bat!


Born This Way, Yes You Are:-)

Lady Gaga Sings 'Born This Way' in Las Vegas for transgender rights. At her Jazz residency Gaga played one of her classic songs, but added a new dedication to it, making it even more powerful.


Grindr’s ultimatum backfires

Grindr has lost half its staff to strict return-to-work rules resulting in the layoff of 46% of its remote staff who refused to comply. This policy shift has raised concerns about its impact on the app's unique queer-friendly workplace culture.


Uganda gay man faces death Penalty

A 20-year-old gay man is facing a potential death sentence after he became the first person to be charged with “aggravated homosexuality” under Uganda’s new anti-gay laws.


Baby mice with two dads and it's awesome!

Using the genetic material from two male mice, researchers were able to create baby mice successfully. The advancement may eventually enable same-sex partners to have their own biological children.


New study shows 'Support = Happiness'

Positive Futures: Just Like Us study has shown that support is key to LGBTIQ young people’s success as adults.


Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law based on hate

The Ugandan president has signed an anti-LGBTQ+ law which includes the death penalty for same-sex acts. This hateful law is a significant and dangerous move.


A new wave of anger against the LGBTIQ+ community

The Kenyan supreme court recently struck down a government decision to ban the registration of an LGBTIQ+ community rights organisation, sparking new homophobic rhetoric in the country. Kenya is one of 32 African countries that criminalises homosexuality. Those who identify as part of the LGBTIQ+ community are often discriminated against, harassed and assaulted. Lise Woensdregt and Naomi van Stapele, who have researched queer experiences in Kenya for nine years, explain the impact of this ruling.

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